START Kickin' Booty Business Course

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Get ready to LEVEL UP! 


Do you have a business idea you want to develop? Maybe you have a current business you’re struggling with? We are here to help!

Through the next 5 weeks, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to set up a solid foundation for your business and get STARTED the right way! 

This course will become your toolkit to success! Follow this roadmap through getting your idea off the ground, honing in on your branding, jumpstarting your marketing, tools, and workflows that will save you hundreds of hours and finally setting up your financials correctly. 

This online course is broken down into 5 sections that we dive into over a 5 week time period. 

This course will include: 

5 lessons: 1 video per week for 5 weeks


  • Week 1: (11/20) Getting Started | 47min
  • Week 2: (11/27) Branding | 27min
  • Week 3: (12/4) Marketing | 29min
  • Week 4: ((12/11) Tools & Workflows | 36min
  • Week 5: (12/18) Finances | 25min

Downloadable 60-page Workbook

Access to Private Facebook Community

Weekly Live Q&A with Kristy & Jenny every Tuesday at 1:00 pm EST for the duration of course. This course if for 5 weeks! You can watch each video week by week or you can watch it all at once! It is 2.5 hours of video content information and you will have access to the course for a year! 

Open Enrollment is January 29th - February 8th only! 

The first live course is on February 11th at 1PM. 

 What people are saying...

Kickin’ Booty course was the game-changer at the right time...The Kickin’ Booty course helped me tweak the non-profit and set us up for success in the future.

I also used the course to finally launch my passion idea. I am creating an inspirational photo book of pilot moms and their children. This course helped me not only get things organized but more importantly...insights as to what needs to be prioritized! The PDF workbook was crucial! It was so streamlined and detail-oriented...yet, at the same time, not overwhelming. It was set up so that one could succeed! From taking the course, I now know the importance of countless things...

The course was wonderful! The length and structure were perfect. We are all busy, but it was created in a way in which you can set aside to time and it will give you the impact you need to start moving forward in the right direction. It made the whole mystery of starting a business seem much more understandable. And I loved the vibe and energy between the two of you. Your honesty simply was the ‘icing on the cake’. It was so helpful and encouraging to know you didn’t have all the answers when you started, you were human, you made mistakes, etc. It made me feel like just because I have never started a new venture like this, I can make it successful! And the Kickin’ Booty course laid out the whole process ‘step-by-step’ and will guarantee the structure and organization one would need to create a dream project!

-Dawn W.